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This feature completely removes the account from this device.

The account will not be eliminated or destroyed, but instead will not be shown anymore in the Accounts List at the client startup.

You can always re-generate your account on this device again using the Import Account feature and entering the SEED when prompted.

Click on the REMOVE button to proceed with the account removal, or CANCEL to return to the previous screen.



Your wallet seed contains one or more trailing whitespace characters.

A zseed with a whitespace at the end and a seed without one are different, and will result in different addresses generated.

It is strongly recommended that you avoid trailing whitespaces in the seed. If you understand the implications of including a trailing whitespace in your seed, press PROCEED. Press CANCEL or close the dialog box to edit your seed.


Treat your SEED (backup phrase) with care!

Only SEED can provide access to your wallet.

1. Don't put your SEED anywhere except official
KatalystDEX clients (look at the site domain).

If someone else accesses it you will lose your funds.

2. Store your SEED safely, it is the only
way to restore your wallet.



This feature is still under development and not active during the alpha release.

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